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To all my ladies , struggling to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy,
Do you ever think: 

"So nothing is wrong with me yet I keep having miscarriages or just not getting pregnant at all?"
Do you ever ask yourself 
Will I ever be a mom? 

What more can I do to get pregnant and stay pregnant?

How can I avoid any more heartbreak and just fast forward to a healthy pregnancy?

What is causing my infertility?

Was my stressful career or the Stress of trying to get pregnant limiting my fertility? 

Did 10 years of birth control destroy my potential for pregnancy?
Should I have started trying before I hit my 30’s?

How can I understand what my body needs in order to perform better?
Have you lost hope and feel like your body is just not able to get have a healthy pregnancy?
Do you feel like you can't emotionally handle another failed attempt?
Are you sick of :

 Missing out on important life events because you can't stomach being around others new babies?

Your doctor is chaulking it up to  "Bad Luck" but with no further direction?

Do you feel like you are watching this optimal baby months and years pass you bye and feel like you are just WASTING TIME?

The more time the passes, the more stress and pressure you feel?

All that money spent on ovulation monitors, pregnancy tests, fertility teas and other miscellaneous products you thought would " do the trick" is quickly adding up and being thrown into a big pile of wasted money?

What is the price you are paying for watching more time pass you by?   more stress, less sleep, whacky hormones, intimacy issues with partner, and loss of confidence within yourself?

Do you feel like you are doing everything possible to help increase your chances of pregnancy and have no idea where else to turn?

Do you feel like there is more you could be doing, but don't know where to start?

But then I found the solution....
After hitting my “rock bottom” during my fertility struggle, I realized something that would change my journey and outcome forever!

  “ If there was nothing technically wrong with me that could be found in a blood test, scan, or biopsy… then something about me had to be tweaked, emotionally or physically . My daily habits and lifestyle would need to be examined. I needed to figure out all of the detriments that I may unknowingly have in my day to day that could be causing fertility blockages. 

It was time to take back control of not only my fertility, but my luck. I wasn’t going to wait for someone to hand me “ baby dust” , I was going to make my own. This was the beginning of changing my mess into a message.

 I continued my education and certifications to gain as much knowledge as possible. I paid for advanced integrative medicine doctors to help me understand all of the elements getting in the way of my success; that western medicine doctors were not trained to recognize. 

This was when I realized, that although great, our doctors , are trained to TREAT the problem in medical school, not prevent it or problem solve through it . 

Our Health Care System just doesn’t support preventative medicine or problem solving medicine, because, sorry to say, It is not as profitable.

I finally realized how I could put control of my fertility back into my own hands 

This is when I  implemented system designed to remove any internal blockages, physically or mentally , one by one , until success is reached. 

My Plan:

1. I will start identify any possible blockages my mind and body that could be getting in the way of my fertility and getting pregnant

2. I will then eliminate each of them , 1 by 1 , leaving no possibility behind

3. I will be left with a Baby ready mind and body

Fast forward to receiving my very first baby gift for my newborn son. The card from my mother’s friend said “ You are my hero” . I asked what it meant, I had no idea. This women had suffered miscarriages and infertility when she first got married, but simply couldn’t handle the heartbreak and frustration, and decided to stop trying. Not only was this the moment that I first shed a tear for someone else’s struggle and had a new found empathy for others, That was the moment I knew I had to share my proven system to others who are struggling , I knew I could help . I could not only put hope back in their hearts , strength back in their soul, new knowledge in their heads but put the power back into their hands. 
It workd for me, it will work for others! 

I took a step back to look at my situation which also involved so many around me and realized…….Women are busier than ever with careers, more stressed than ever, our food and everyday products have more toxins than ever, yet the old protocol of getting pregnant is still the same as it was in the 1940’s It all did not mesh I was beyond frustrated.
One day while browsing some relevant articles, I read an interesting stat.

Infertility rates were at an all time high in 2018.

That made me think, if that's the all time high, then when was the all-time low. I started investigating i and I was shocked

U.S Statistics - Birth rate in 1940’s averaged 23.2 every year after it has decreased dramatically

Why the big difference? I asked myself

What changed in a matter of 40 years that caused infertility to skyrocket?

I had to find out. I started reading up on everything that was relevant. I look a look at history, science journals until I found the answers

Don’t we need to perhaps put a little more work these days into preparing our bodies for pregnancy, considering we have so much more on our plate.  Not to mention uncontrollable environmental factors?

Those who knew my struggle asked me how I did it and they were shocked when I told them. They couldn't believe how a few simple lifestyle tweaks and techniques did what no doctor could accomplish.. 
Eventually word got out in my circle that I had accomplished what I had worked so hard to do. A friend asked me to share my expertise. I didn't feel comfortable at first as I wasn't a doctor .Eventually I gave in, realizing I was sharing all my hard work, my notes and research and the techniques I used and lo and behold she became pregnant too.
I've only been doing this privately using referrals and word of mouth, The more success I had, the more I felt this was my passion, my calling. I wanted to help people with their fertility issues before they gave up or went through the torture and expense of multiple failures. I decided to take everything I learned and organize it into an online, on demand, program that any woman with fertility challenges can access.
Welcome to Pregnant At Last
This is my implemented system designed to remove any internal blockages, physically or mentally , one by one , until success is reached.
 This is where I left off and you get to start.

Everybody wants a breakthrough but not a breakdown. You have had your breakdown; let’s get right to your breakthrough.

Kim Zuniss
I was always interested in Mind Body connection Medicine and Nutrition. When I started to think seriously about having a baby I enrolled in an institute to study and graduated from their Integrative Nutrition The most Passionate Pregnancy Coach out there !I support women from those just starting their pregnancy journey to those who have been struggling for some time, to obtain an optimal state to increase their chances of getting pregnant, while becoming healthier and happier.

The Pregnant at Last Womb Wakeup was developed after my Infertility Battle , tons of research and education, and a lot of love . I do not want others to go through what I experienced and am happy to share the proven methods that helped my hopes and dreams come true. 
Without it, you'll never know if you can be doing more to get your body to perform better.
With it, you will learn life changing tools that not only will help increase your chances of becoming pregnant , make for an easier post -partum experience, but will help keep you balanced, healthy, and happy for years to come! I eliminate all the guesswork so you will not waste any more time or money on figuring out how to just be Pregnant at Last!
What would it feel like to just be able to welcome your first baby and never have to worry about this again?
 It is proven that with most “Undiagnosed Infertility” cases, Fertility is not the problem at all, it’s the person and the body that is the problem., the real problem is the body/mind complex.

Your Body knows what to do, you just have to help it re-focus by eliminating some of the obstacles it is facing every day.

Clients ask me all the time
"what are the top 3 actions I need to take in order To help achieve My desired results"?

Welcome to:

The Womb Wakeup 
 My Womb Wakeup consists of your ABSOLUTE ESSENTIAL, MUST START NOW AND INSTANT RESULTS lessons that will ensure you are communicating with your body properly, to let it know what it needs to do, in order to create the safest most inviting environment possible for your baby.  

You will see and feel instant results in your overall health and happiness

This will put life, energy, and communication into your most essential body part and create an inviting and safe environment for embryo to stick.

1. Diet 
Remove the biggest Womb Environment saboteurs from your diet and daily life to create a PH balanced atmosphere made to invite and support your embryo.

2. Exercise 
Introduce the correct exercises to:
a. get blood circulation flowing to all the parts that are vital to making baby and supporting
b. help your body detox and rid of any toxins that may be affecting your fertility

3. Powerup your pelvis 
Help your body help you by strengthening and opening your pelvic floor . Don’t underestimate the amount of interruption a slightly tilted uterus can have on the reproductive system!

4. Self Love!!! 
Probably the most important of all, learn how to mentally create a healthy relationship with your body which in return it will work harder for you. By building a positive relationship with your body you will unlock the subconscious feelings that may be fueling the negativity your body is expressing through Symptoms with fertility.

You will instantly see and feel the difference and your body will start responding to these new positive vibes shortly after!

What will you get ?
 Pre- Recorded video on ($500 Value)  
Gaining Clarity and Setting your Intention
- Learn the correct way to set an intention in order to promote positive energy and manifest what you want to create, change, or heal
-Promises to self that will keep you successfully learning
​-Understand the new mindset you will develop to get the most out of my program and your life!
-Learn how to keep the positive energy flowing to manifest anything you want !

Pre- Recorded implementation video ($500 Value)
Internal Detox of Chemicals causing a Toxic Womb environment

​- You will learn what harm everyday products are causing and ​you will begin to release any Hormone Disrupting Chemicals that are simply just GETTING IN THE WAY
- Learn which of your everyday foods can create an Acidic Womb Environment which can impact longevity of your embryo
- Most important foods and products to remove and Womb Environment sabatoeurs lurking and keep you from your goals. This will also help ensure a loving and healthy environment for your embryo and baby. 

Pre- Recorded implementation video ($500 Value)  Womb Supporting Exercises

- Learn simple exercise's that can help detox and speed up the process
- You will help sustain pregnancy through increased Womb nutrition that is vital to a welcoming environment the embryo
-​ You will learn the ​correct way to exercise to support fertility while building the necessary muscles to help with delivery
​​- Gain knowledge on natures medicine to detox, increase fertility, and create a loving baby environment 

Pre-Recorded video on creating a relationship with your body and Self Love ($500)
​- Your new Self Love and Self Care will reap you instant benefits you couldn't even imagine were possible 
​- You will create the relationship you need with your body to get your body to perform better in each step in your fertility journey
​- You will be able to listen to your bodies needs and wants more clearly in order to help support it 
​- Your confidence and glow will be brighter then ever 
​- Activities and Visualizations that support your Self Love routine will be a life long tool and resource that you will want to pass down -
Guided visualization to create your own “ Reiki” on demand  ($100)
- Give your body that " I KNOW WHAT TO DO VIBE" instantly 
- Guided visualization to create your own “ Reiki” on demand- my “ Client Favorite”. This guided visualization will not only help bring more blood circulation and warmth to your womb, but will aid in creating a positive relationship with your body while also destressing and making space for baby
-Ideal to help with the "2 week wait" and morning of IVF Procedures

Bonus Module!!!- Gratitude ($500)
- After studying the habits of the most successful people, I quickly realized how they all incorporated Gratitude into their life and the benefits from doing so

Ok, and because you are here today and you are worth it.....
Bonus #1  Recorded Pre-Natal Yoga Session ($200)

Your own Recording of a session with my Personal Yoga Instructor!
May will show you her students most needed poses to:
1. Create the right posture to help "open" up more space for baby
2. Help you understand that a healthy womb is not only important for pregnancy but can be the key to an easy labor
3. Give you a Pre-Natal certified Flow routine you can incorporate easily into your day without having to go to a yoga studio!
Bonus #2   Private interactive Facebook support group 

Bonus #3 Private Personal Trainer ($200)

Bonus #3  Pre-Recorded Strategy Session with a Certified Nutritionist

Bonus #4  Pre-Recorded Couples Therapy Session on the biggest issue infertility causes and how to get through it 

Proven fact- The only thing that changes behavior is a new environment

New Environment = New Behavior
Act Now!  Offer only available for a limited time!
Today's special launch price will be gone soon!
Give A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
This helps people who are just on the edge of purchasing, to take the leap of faith since you put the risk back on you!
I discovered Kim with Pregnant At Last at a hard time in my life. I had just gone through a failed IVF transfer, my heart was broken and I was feeling discouraged. I wanted to do everything in my power to make positive changes to my mind, body and health heading into transfer #2. I knew I needed some guidance from someone who could empathize with the struggle. I was so happy and relieved to connect with Kim. She became my pregnancy coach and helped guide me to make the best decisions for my health and future baby which included environmental changes, removing everyday toxins, eliminating and introducing different foods, knowing what questions to ask my doctor, ways to improve my mental health, how to visualize my baby, the list goes on and on. I felt way more in control of my journey and that I was doing everything in my power to conceive. Our 2nd IVF transfer has been successful and we are 15 weeks pregnant. We are beyond thrilled and believe in our growing miracle. I do believe having Kim as a support system has helped guide us through our journey with confidence and ease. I highly recommend Kim with Pregnant At Last if you are looking for a pregnancy coach who truly cares about your health and success.

Ashley Legg
Legg Day Fitness
NASM CPT + Nutrition Fitness Specialist

"The most important thing that I learned from Kim’s program was self-love. It seems like an easy enough concept, but in truth it is hard to achieve, especially if you are going through infertility. Although self-love is related to self-care, the two are actually two very different concepts. As a licensed therapist, I knew that self-care was important, and I thought I was engaging in self-love as well by practicing my self-care, but over time I learned that I struggled with this concept more than I would like to admit. I had gone through an IVF egg retrieval in January that resulted in 3 beautiful embryos, but ended up losing two of them to failed transfers. With only one embaby left, I knew I had to do something different for this third and final round, so I started searching and found Kim’s Pregnant At Last program. I’m so glad I found this program, because it made ALL of the difference in my mental mindset going into my third transfer. Kim taught me many lessons I did not know about physical health and detoxing for pregnancy, but the biggest difference was the mental health detoxing that I did WITH her. I finally was able to truly love and forgive myself for the past several years, and learn how to trust my body. I had faith that I could get pregnant and carry a baby, which is something that I had not had for a very long time. I went into this transfer more confident than ever, and told my husband that we would be pregnant (finally!) by the beginning of October. I was still surprised and shocked when I received the call from my clinic with very positive news, as I don’t think anything prepares you for that rush of emotions when you learn you are “pregnant at last” after receiving nothing but negative tests for over 4 years. Thanks to Kim’s gprogram I am finally pregnant! I have all the faith in our little growing baby, and I am excited to meet him or her in June 2021. I would recommend the Pregnant At Last program to anyone struggling with fertility/getting pregnant, no matter how long you have been trying or what treatments you are doing. It’s something that I wish I would have found a long time ago, as her support was the missing link to my fertility journey and making space for baby both physically and mentally."

Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

Skeptical at first... but couldn't me more happy I worked with Kim!
The first big surprise was that only a couple of weeks into working with Kim, my AMH levels came back higher and increased by 30%!!
What I liked best about the program, besides all of the support and understanding, was the nutritional insight and product tips! I had no idea I was letting so many toxins into my life!
Overall I found the program to be very informative, and very helpful. The support and understanding you were able to give me was truly invaluable. I went into it a little skeptical and downtrodden but with still an open mind, and I have to say my experience turned out to be very fulfilling. The support and the community you are providing here is very special and necessary and you should be very proud.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💜🙏
Brynn W

Although I already live a very healthy lifestyle, I wanted to make sure I was doing all I can to get my body in the best place possible when beginning my pregnancy journey.   The information I learned from Kim was invaluable. The support I received from Kim was heart-warming.  

The results I received are Life Changing! Now that I am pregnant, Kim has been helping me balance my hormones and have an easy and enjoyable pregnancy. I am feeling great.  I know Kim will be here for me throughout my whole journey and feel confident I will also have an easy post partum with Kim's help. 

I couldn't recommend the Pregnant at Last Program more.  
So much Love and Appreciation
Nicole R.

“I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! …. I am happier than happy and I owe so much to Kim. The insights and advice she gave me were integral to attaining my dream and I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, hard work and confidence. At first, I was hesitant but her passion and honesty convinced me to try and the result is, joyfully, I will be a mother of a healthy baby in a matter of months. I encourage any of you out there who are going through what I went through, to give Kim a chance. Have an open mind and you will benefit from her expertise. “ 
What if I told you....
It wasn't plain sailing for me either...
After 4 years of research , I did a lot of things right, which I just shared.   I did a lot of things wrong, Which is why I am able to filter out the bad and all the things that didn’t work and wasted my precious time!
I did years of work so you don’t have to- just the good stuff!

If your Womb is not ready for baby,  all the other hard work you are doing could just be a big waste of time. 

You have 2 choices, Which sounds more exciting?

1. To say goodbye to that fear of never having a baby?
2. Do nothing. Keep doing what you are doing and getting the same results?

The power is in your hands to take back control of your body and fertility!

 Create the essential inviting environment for embryo and baby to help “ stick”.  Eliminate any toxic barriers that could be preventing you from getting pregnant and staying pregnant.

Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase my AMAZING Offer!
  • Module on Gaining Clarity and Setting Intentions ($500 Value)  
  • Module for an Internal Detox of Fertility Blockers ($500 Value)
  • Module for Womb Space making and Strength ($500 Value)
  • Module for Self love and Relationship with body ($500 Value)
  • Visualization to give your Womb the "I know what to do Vibe" ($100 Value)
  • Recorded Private Pre-Natal Yoga Session ($200 Value)
  • ​Detoxing Tips Workbook ( $50 Value)
Total Value: $2350
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $47!!
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"I wish Kim Zuniss' program had been around for me 19 years ago when I was going through infertility & pregnancy loss. I tried everything & felt like no one understood. To have someone guide you through who has been there & successfully come out the other side is just priceless! I recommend her program to my clients who are trying to conceive."
~ Alicia Drew LCPC, LPC, NBCC, Therapist in Private Practice 20 years

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