Welcome to my program, Pregnant At Last
This On Demand Program will give you your
 best opportunity of saying " I am PREGNANT AT LAST "

    Pregnant At Last..... Isn't that what you want to say?   My program WILL give you, your best opportunity of saying " I am PREGNANT AT LAST "
                                                                  Anytime is a perfect time to start!
Utilizing my 56 day program will create the most optimal environment  for your mind and body  to welcome a pregnancy.
I leave no stone unturned to eliminate the toxicity that impacts your fertility in my three step signature process!
"I wish Kim Zuniss' program had been around for me 19 years ago when I was going through infertility & pregnancy loss. I tried everything & felt like no one understood. To have someone guide you through who has      been there & successfully come out the other side is just priceless!            I recommend her program to my clients who are trying to conceive."
~ Alicia Drew LCPC, LPC, NBCC, Therapist in Private Practice 20 years

"I wish Kim Zuniss' program had been around for me 19 years ago when I was going through infertility & pregnancy loss. I tried everything & felt like no one understood. To have someone guide you through who has been there & successfully come out the other side is just priceless! I recommend her program to my clients who are trying to conceive."
~ Alicia Drew LCPC, LPC, NBCC, Therapist in Private Practice 20 years

 My Plan:
1. I will start identify any possible blockages your mind and body that could be getting in the way of my fertility and getting pregnant

2. I will then eliminate each of them , 1 by 1 , leaving no possibility behind

3. I will be left with a Baby ready mind and body
Step 1- Making Space for Baby
When you remove all of the negative blockages you are literally making room for all the new good things you have been wanting but don't understand why you haven't received yet 
Step 2- Nurturing your Baby ready space
This is where we start ADDING in all the positivity, confidence, and self worth we made space for to create that baby ready environment. This is also where we will be doing my " Womb Wakeup Workout" to make sure your womb is the most optimal environment to welcome a baby
Step 3- Supporting and Maximizing your baby ready space
Through proper Fertility Nutrition, Fertility Exercise, and the knowledge of HOW to eat you will be not only maintaining the Baby Ready space you created but will be setting yourself up for a balanced pregnancy and postpartum. 

Program Content and Schedule
Week 1
Gaining Clarity and Setting your Intention
  •  Module 1 Overview-  Making Space for baby
  • ​How to create a Clear Intention the Universe understands
  • ​Promises to self that will keep you successfully learning
  • ​Understand the new mindset you will develop to get the most out of my program and your life!

Week 2
Emotional Detox of Fears and Negativity-  Physical Detox of Chemicals 
  •  Module 2 Overview - Making Space for baby
  • ​Everyone has repressed emotions lurking that will deter your body from working efficiently. The freeing of Emotional Toxicity will not only be freeing to your soul but provide space for the positivity you need to welcome a baby
  • ​​Releasing negativity = releasing stressful subconscious vibes running through your system 
  • ​You will learn what harm everyday products are causing and ​you will begin to release any Hormone Disrupting Chemicals that are simply just GETTING IN THE WAY
  • ​Breath and Visualization techniques to remove and manage negative thinking permanently will also be a life long tool and resource you can always come back to when needed, so you can be confident in knowing you can handle anything coming your way
Week 3
Facing Anger and Forgiveness
  • Module 3 Overview- Making space for baby
  • ​Releasing anger= releasing stressful subconscious vibes that are ultimately keeping you further away from your goal
  • ​​Learning the Tool to RELEASE the bad will earn you instant results in your health and fertility
  • ​You will understand how to correctly use foregivness as a tool to let go of any hidden stress and negativity energy that may be lurking
  • ​You will regain control once you learn how to let go and move on from any trauma in your past and finally feel free of it
  • ​Breath and Visualization techniques to support and detox will also be a life long tool and resource you can always come back to when needed

Week 4
Stress and Relationships
  • Module 4 Overview- Making space for baby
  • ​You will be able to finally identify your main sources of stress and redirect that energy to create a positive force that is capable of anything
  • ​Feeling the freedom of not having to Stress about Stress and the vicious cycle that will no longer affect your fertility
  • ​​Stress relieving techniques will be a life long tool and resource
  • ​​You will learn how your relationships will better serve you to work toward your goals, and love the new found connections you have with the people you love the most
  • ​​The most important relationship of them all is........
Week 5
Self Love
  • ​Module 5 Overview-  Nurturing your Baby Ready Space
  • ​Your new Self Love and Self Care will reap you instant benefits you couldn't even imagine were possible 
  • ​You will create the relationship you need with your body to get your body to perform better in each step in your fertility journey
  • ​You will be able to listen to your bodies needs and wants more clearly in order to help support it 
  • ​Your confidence and glow will be brighter then ever 
  • ​Activities and Visualizations that support your Self Love routine will be a life long tool and resource that you will want to pass down 
Week 6
Embracing Feminity
  • Module 6 Overview- Nurturing your baby ready space
  • ​The power for Feminine Intuition - You will learn to use it as a tool to put control back into your hands
  • ​You will discover your body has been trying to tell you what it needs in order to perform better and now you can listen and execute!
  • ​How to incorporate Feminine practices to your Modern Masculine everyday situations that may be limiting the power of our feminine intuition
Week 7
Nutrition and Excercise
  • ​Module 7 Overview- Supporting and Improving Baby Ready Space
  • ​​You will learn the safe way to detox to create healthy environment for baby
  • ​You will help sustain pregnancy through increased Womb nutrition that is vital to a welcoming environment the embryo
  • ​You will safe guard your health and baby by balancing Blood Sugar and Hormones which in return will improve your mood, well being, and ability to handle any fertility medicines better
  • ​You will learn the ​correct way to exercise to support fertility while building the necessary muscles to help with delivery
  • ​​Gain knowledge on natures medicine to detox, increase fertility, and create a loving baby environment 
Week 8
Mindful Eating 
  • ​Module 8 Overview- Improving Baby Ready Space
  • ​You will learn the secret to never having to be on a diet again!
  • ​​You will maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and lose any baby weight gained with ease
  • ​You will continue to indirectly work on your relationship with yourself by practicing these mindful eating techniques 
  • ​You will perfect " living in the moment " and " being present"

What are you going to get?
-8 Weeks of Pre-Recorded Lessons ($1,500 Value) 
-Meal Plans and Recipe Guide ($200 Value)
-A Pre-recorded strategy session with a Nutritionist ($200 Value)
-My Womb Wakeup Workshop ($100 Value)
Bonus #1- Private Yoga Sessions ($200)
Bonus #2 -Private Personal Trainer Sessions ($200)
Total Value: $2400
What is your special Pre-Launch investment?
Just $495!

"Kim's program helps uncover any fertility blockages that may be happening, physically and mentally, which in return can increase chances of pregnancy. I see how far Kim has come in her journey using her own methods, and with that integrity,I am happy to endorse her program to people on their fertility journey. "
Stephen Foster Cohen, MSOM, LAc

Don't be another Statistic!

 About 10 percent of women (6.1 million) in the United States ages 15-44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Let me be clear,  YOU ARE NOT POWERLESS!  My program will put control back into your hands.

If all my program did was:
-Make you stress free and worry free… Would It Be Worth it…?

-Teach you how to listen to your body to achieve better results.. Would It Be Worth It?

-Give you the tools to lose weight and keep it off forever…
 Would It Be Worth It?

-Life time access and support... Would it be worth it?
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain for just $495!

Skeptical at first... but couldn't me more happy I worked with Kim!
The first big surprise was that only a couple of weeks into working with Kim, my AMH levels came back higher and increased by 30%!!
What I liked best about the program, besides all of the support and understanding, was the nutritional insight and product tips! I had no idea I was letting so many toxins into my life!
Overall I found the program to be very informative, and very helpful. The support and understanding you were able to give me was truly invaluable. I went into it a little skeptical and downtrodden but with still an open mind, and I have to say my experience turned out to be very fulfilling. The support and the community you are providing here is very special and necessary and you should be very proud.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 💜🙏
Brynn W

Although I already live a very healthy lifestyle, I wanted to make sure I was doing all I can to get my body in the best place possible when beginning my pregnancy journey.   The information I learned from Kim was invaluable. The support I received from Kim was heart-warming.  The results I received are Life Changing! Now that I am pregnant, Kim has been helping me balance my hormones and have an easy and enjoyable pregnancy. I am feeling great.  I know Kim will be here for me throughout my whole journey and feel confident I will also have an easy post partum with Kim's help. 
I couldn't recommend the Pregnant at Last Program more.  

So much Love and Appreciation

Nicole R.
I discovered Kim with Pregnant At Last at a hard time in my life. I had just gone through a failed IVF transfer, my heart was broken and I was feeling discouraged. I wanted to do everything in my power to make positive changes to my mind, body and health heading into transfer #2. I knew I needed some guidance from someone who could empathize with the struggle. I was so happy and relieved to connect with Kim. She became my pregnancy coach and helped guide me to make the best decisions for my health and future baby which included environmental changes, removing everyday toxins, eliminating and introducing different foods, knowing what questions to ask my doctor, ways to improve my mental health, how to visualize my baby, the list goes on and on. I felt way more in control of my journey and that I was doing everything in my power to conceive. Our 2nd IVF transfer has been successful and we are 15 weeks pregnant. We are beyond thrilled and believe in our growing miracle. I do believe having Kim as a support system has helped guide us through our journey with confidence and ease. I highly recommend Kim with Pregnant At Last if you are looking for a pregnancy coach who truly cares about your health and success.

Ashley Legg
Legg Day Fitness
NASM CPT + Nutrition Fitness Specialist

“I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! …. I am happier than happy and I owe so much to Kim. The insights and advice she gave me were integral to attaining my dream and I can’t thank her enough for her knowledge, hard work and confidence. At first, I was hesitant but her passion and honesty convinced me to try and the result is, joyfully, I will be a mother of a healthy baby in a matter of months. I encourage any of you out there who are going through what I went through, to give Kim a chance. Have an open mind and you will benefit from her expertise. “ 
"The most important thing that I learned from Kim’s program was self-love. It seems like an easy enough concept, but in truth it is hard to achieve, especially if you are going through infertility. Although self-love is related to self-care, the two are actually two very different concepts. As a licensed therapist, I knew that self-care was important, and I thought I was engaging in self-love as well by practicing my self-care, but over time I learned that I struggled with this concept more than I would like to admit. I had gone through an IVF egg retrieval in January that resulted in 3 beautiful embryos, but ended up losing two of them to failed transfers. With only one embaby left, I knew I had to do something different for this third and final round, so I started searching and found Kim’s Pregnant At Last program. I’m so glad I found this program, because it made ALL of the difference in my mental mindset going into my third transfer. Kim taught me many lessons I did not know about physical health and detoxing for pregnancy, but the biggest difference was the mental health detoxing that I did WITH her. I finally was able to truly love and forgive myself for the past several years, and learn how to trust my body. I had faith that I could get pregnant and carry a baby, which is something that I had not had for a very long time. I went into this transfer more confident than ever, and told my husband that we would be pregnant (finally!) by the beginning of October. I was still surprised and shocked when I received the call from my clinic with very positive news, as I don’t think anything prepares you for that rush of emotions when you learn you are “pregnant at last” after receiving nothing but negative tests for over 4 years. Thanks to Kim’s gprogram I am finally pregnant! I have all the faith in our little growing baby, and I am excited to meet him or her in June 2021. I would recommend the Pregnant At Last program to anyone struggling with fertility/getting pregnant, no matter how long you have been trying or what treatments you are doing. It’s something that I wish I would have found a long time ago, as her support was the missing link to my fertility journey and making space for baby both physically and mentally."

Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I have not tried to become pregnant yet?
Amazing!  You are the type of person who wants to do all they can to get the outcome they desire.  You will be getting a head start on your Pre-Pregnancy journey and building some major life tools you will need Before, During, and Beyond Pregnancy. 
What if I already started IVF?
You are one smart cookie!  This program will help all the magical fertility meds work to their best ability because your body will performing at its best. You will also be managing all the hormone imbalances so help support you emotionally.  I will help your body release any excess hormones not needed to keep you balanced.

What if I don't have a lot of time to devote to this program?
No worries!  This program can work around your schedule.  Between your pre-recorded modules and your 24/7 Facebook support you will can make it work no problem!  If you have enough time to blow dry your hair once a week, you have enough time for this program!
What if I am in a really sad place and losing hope?
I hear you.  I was in this place at a point and just wanted to give up.  I want to make sure you do all you can before even considering this as an option.  I will also be there for you on your low days reminding you that all the work you are putting in will benefit you and get your desired outcomes!   You are not alone and I know I can help you get through this!
What if I already eat healthy and exercise?
Fabulous! So you understand how important the right diet and exercise can impact your health.  I teach you the right diet and exercise to impact your FERTILITY HEALTH, in conjunction with  Fertility Emotional Health to touch on every part of you , top to bottom.
What if this doesn't work for me?
What if it does?
How long until I start feeling results?
Instantly!  Your body is so smart and you will see just how amazing she is once given the right tools to perform.  You do not have to wait for the 8 weeks to be up to start seeing or feeling your results.  I have seen Lab work dramatically change in just one week of working with me.   
What if my husband does not understand or want to spend the money?
Even more reason why you should demand his support.  Once he see's how much happier you are, or how better your feel, or how your labs have improved, or how you are Pregnant at Last, He will be so thankful he did the right thing and supported you!

About Kim Zuniss

I was always interested in Mind Body connection Medicine and Nutrition. When I started to think seriously about having a baby I enrolled in an institute to study and graduated from their Integrative Nutrition Coaching Program. I wanted to learn how to have the healthiest pregnancy possible and forever provide a healthy way of living for my family.
What I did not know was this was the beginning of the most emotional and life changing journey I would ever experience!!!
After my first attempt, we successfully found out I was pregnant early on. I remember telling my husband when he came home from work and him saying" Well, that was easy!". Weeks went by and I was feeling healthy and so excited for my 12 week appointment so I could officially start spreading the goods news. I even told my husband he didn't have to come if he was having a busy day at work. Thank goodness he did because what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life turned painful and tearful, quickly. I found out that I had miscarried. It was nothing short of a sucker punch to my gut. We were not expecting this. We were devastated to say the least. This was just the beginning of what became a 3 year journey to get pregnant. Two more miscarriages , a ton of fertility medicine, and a dark time in our lives was soon to follow.
I couldn't help but wonder, " if nothing is physically wrong with me, then why am I having so many issues? "
I dedicated my time to learning and exploring, as I was not going to stop until my goal of having a healthy baby was reached.
Once I really dove in to changing nutritionally, I also realized how much my emotional health needed some work. As I increased my knowledge and applied what I studied to my own daily life, I started feeling healthier, happier, and just more ready to have a baby. I uncovered internal blockages in my life and was able to literally create a BABY READY MIND AND BODY. I saw changes immediately, and soon after was pregnant with my first child, with my 2nd, 11 months later
I never want anyone to go through a fertility struggle, yet it seems to be more and more common these days. I have the tools and want to share them.
I put my heart and soul into each of my clients and I hope you give me a chance to change your life.

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